Refund & Cancellation Policy

All of our subscriptions come with a free 2 Week trial. There may however be a small processing fee depending on your payment method. When committing to your 2 week trial you will be asked to select an option for payment after the initial trial. 
Subscriptions may be cancelled at any given time during trial or after. The account will still be able to be accessed until the next billing period. For example, if a monthly subscription is cancelled on the 15th and the next payment is due on the 26th of the month, the account can still be used with full access to all videos until the 26th when the next payment was due. 

After the free trial has ended and subscription payment has been taken you have entered a contract into the term selected. In some cases we may offer a full or partial refund after payment has been taken. This is to the discretion of Hoop Dance Academy Owners & Employees and we reserve the right to refuse a refund. We do however understand that in some cases someone may have forgotten to cancel their account and not used it since their trial expired. In these cases we are likely to offer a refund or partial refund where applicable.